Secure Navigation

A Security Navigation System that enables you to surf the Internet without anyone knowing your true IP.

IP’s are often tracked and traced in order forms, websites, and for malicious purposes. If you are off our System you will see our IP below, instead of your IP and origin country. Security and privacy. Anonymous proxies destroy information about your computer in the requests header. So you can safely surf the net and hackers and spammers will never use your information.

Why do I need to use it?

One of the primary reasons people want to use a proxy is to get around blocked content that may contain some words that their network filter has identified as inappropriate. Many organizations make use of filters so that they can control how and what is viewed over their network. They usually do this to stop employees looking sites that are unrelated to their job description or to simply stop them from viewing inappropriate material. This is usually achieved by the use of keywords that is programmed into the web filter. The filter will simply block any web pages or site that contains these particular key words.

Websites that you visit online routinely record and log certain information about you and can even build up a profile of your surfing habits. The scary thing is that you or I do not know what they do with that information. Certain pieces of information is not a problem but some are, especially as websites are getting more sophisticated at tracing you and recording whatever details they do. The information that is recorded and stored and what they do with it varies from Website to Website. The most common pieces of information that are stored are your IP address, browser type, geographical location, your ISP, MAC address, referring site or webpage and many others. This is just a small list of what they can record about you. There are situations in which you may want to visit a site without leaving a trace of the visit. For instance you want to check what’s going on at your competitor’s site. Your visit will generate a record in the log file and frequent visits will generate many records. You should also remember about things like cookies, hostile applets and java scripts, browser security holes and large Internet companies such as doubleclick, google, and government institutions which have tremendous possibilities to collect much more information about you and your behaviour.

Nowadays, many ads are geotargeted such as Google’s Adwords/Adsense, Yahoo’s Search Marketing/Publisher Network or other PPC (Pay Per Click) engines. If you want to see exactly the same banners as a British visitor sees, just contact us and activate your new Navigation system with E Dolmen. You can study International market through our International Ip Services. Localized versions of Youtube and social networking services (SNS) such as MySpace are also accessible with an international Ip.

International Users Blocked by Government Control; Americans-Europeans residing and surfing the Internet overseas are usually blocked by the controls of the rule where they live. China, Iran, Saudi Arabia are only 3 countries with strict controls on what web sites you can surf, and even if you can use a VOIP service provider. Having Our Security System account will allow you to bypass the controls, We believe in freedom of speech, while some sites should obviously not be up, we feel that American law at this time is the most practical way of dealing with inappropriate content. Blocking of web sites like or Google is (in our mind) similar to burning of hundred libraries.