Global Money Transaction

An advanced platform that allows highly secure and encrypted interactions between financial entities and their users through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Users are provided with secure and SSL controlled access to their Accounts. Features and tools to manage their accounts are enabled by the administrators to permit many degrees of usability and functions; from simple overviews of account types and balances, to quick historical transactions data. The initial screens allow for the most understandable and discernible information summary needed by the users. Account Transactions are provided to the users through multi-step screens that ensure fool proof self issued requests. The administrators then review these requests before they are executed or denied. The system automatically takes care of the entire transaction as well as the creation of the necessary historical bookkeeping records. With the possibility of offering a broad range of money transfer types, the system expands the services spectrum of the financial entity.

Global and local transactions services can be provided, such as: International Swift ® MT103 Compliant Wires, US/Canada Specific ABA/RTN Routing Platform, European direct IBAN Transfers, External Debit Card Funding, etc. The administrators can customize even the transfers between users within the system to fine details, with options such as: permissions, costs, speed, importance levels, etc.

The system allows for all the transaction details to be saved for later use. AssistedHelp, provides on-demand help to users and administrators. Features such as AssistedHelp, ensure that users take full advantage of all the advanced functions that the system offers as well. Every update to these profiles is archived, and can easily be recalled. Additional options allow the users to define the formatting of their preferred language. Detailed date ranged Reports and the ability to export them to excel allows the users to manage their historical data in as much detail as they require. The active reports reflect the current status of all transactions in the system; making the reports an invaluable tool to the users, as well as the financial entity.

Administrators are provided with a complex but intuitive set of options that allow for the management of the system. Multiple administrators can be activated, each with his own set of custom permissions and an assigned group of clients; distributing the work load efficiently, as well as keeping information divided and restricted amongst administrators. The administrator interface shows several information boxes in the main screen. The system transaction requests are sorted and prioritized by importance levels previously set by the administrator. Every action performed by users and administrators is logged and saved for future reference as well as back tracking capabilities. The main screen displays the log with the latest events occurring in the system, notifying the administrator of the occurrences in the system, as well as the changes and who is performing them.

The e-GMT version splits all the above information into separate screens and formats it differently for better overview of large amounts of information. By having to perform some actions in multiple steps, the controls allow for better management of multiple instructions. In the Transactions screen the administrators, depending on their permissions, will be able to execute a wide range of transactions on the user EUR, GBP and USD accounts. Manual transactions may also be performed through this interface, allowing debiting or crediting any account in required instances. An additional feature is the ability to manage the revenues generated in each transaction. With additional options, such as specifying exact costs in each transaction, this tool can calculate exact profits generated by the system.